Happy Holidays

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, a very Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. I have been debating back and forth on if I will write during the busy holiday season and I think the answer is I’m not sure.

I know I don’t have to explain how busy I am to you all, but I am a very busy momma of five and a busy wife as well. I have very little time to do several things at one, let alone do them well. I think I will take this time to focus on my family and I will be back with fresh new material in January.

Thank you guys so much for all of your support and love that you have shown me, your readership has changed my life. I now have friends in places that I have never even seen before. May God Bless you and cause his grace to shine upon you.  Don’t be surprised if I post a few pictures or cool quotes over my holiday break! I still want to connect with you guys!

See ya in 2017!

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Today is my third child, who is my second son’s birthday! I can not believe it has been seven years already since the day he was born. I remember I was so excited because my husband and I had decided to find out the gender when the baby was born. I was sure that the baby was a girl though, so I made a deal with my husband that if the baby was a girl that I could name her and if it was a boy he could name him.

It was a bogus deal though because, I thought that I was surely having a girl. All the old wives tale told me so; I was carrying the baby high, I was smaller  just like with my oldest daughter, I had no morning sickness at all, I could eat everything that I wanted, and most of all I wanted it to be a girl. I had already had a little girl two years prior to getting pregnant with Daniel and I thought this will be great, I’ll have tons of clothes and shoes. I won’t need to buy anything!

Perhaps the most exciting thing about November 20, 2009 though, was my birthing experience. I had been praying and believing God for some specific things in relation to my birth plan  one of them was that my water would break, and the other major thing was that I would have a drug-free delivery. One out of two of those things actually happen that day.

I was at home with my kids and I had just had an appointment with my midwife the day before and I had her strip my membranes, to get things started in there. I had a history of going way past my due date, so I didn’t want that to happen a third time. I was at home making lunch because my husband was getting ready to come home for lunch, when I felt liquid come out of me! I immediately thought that I accidently peed on myself, in true shock I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up and changed my clothes. Then I went back to the kitchen and thought nothing of it, then all of a sudden I wet myself again, but even more that time. I started to get a little suspicious that maybe my water had broken, so I hopped on the phone and called my neighbor, who’s water broke when she had her daughter, and told her what I was experiencing and she told me to go to the hospital.

I can’t remember if I called my husband or if he just came home, but the first thing he said was, “But I haven’t ate yet!” I called our friend and my sister and they said they were on their way, and little did I know it would be another seven hours before I actually went into labor and gave birth. You see, even though my water broke I did not start dilating on my own. They had to give me a drug to make me dilate and then after that I asked for the epidural and well then I had the baby! You know the rest, it was a boy and we named him Daniel Joshua.

I look back on that day now and I smile, and I cry a little bit too, because I’m starting to understand more and more just how quickly the days go by. Honestly, being a parent can make for some pretty long days and nights. It can be hard to see just how fleeting time is. We get weighed down by the day to day chores, and routines and we miss the moments. We forget to enjoy the little things in life and folks…those moments are not on repeat. Once you miss them their gone for good. It’s not like I want to scare you and make you think that we will never have another opportunity to make memories with our children, but I do want you to stop and smell the roses.

I’m so glad you guys stopped by and join me for a trip down memory lane. I hope you take the time this week to cherish the time that you have with your loved ones and make some good memories. Even the bad memories won’t seem so bad if you live a bit longer.(wink,wink) Have a good day and leave me a comment and let me know how you cherish the moments.

Have You Ever

I have a question for you all this Monday (it’s still Monday here for fifteen more minutes.)

Have you ever done something that you weren’t completely comfortable with to further your career? I’m not talking about something illegal or unethical, but something that takes you out of your comfort zone nonetheless. Please feel free to leave a comment and let’s talk about it together.

Life Goes On

By now the whole world knows that we, America, have a new President. Now, I certainly don’t want to get too deep into how I feel about it or the President-Elect, but I can tell you guys that I was very disappointed after the election. I think more importantly I was disappointed that what I wanted didn’t happen. Honestly, I’ve been disappointed with the whole election season and I’m glad it’s over!

However, I heard the President’s speech about how life goes on and you know what…he’s right. Life does go on, it may be more complicated, it may be more unpleasant at first, but life goes on and so, we must go on as well. I will not try to convince you or myself that everything is going to be just fine, because with change comes uncertainty. What I will offer you is that we serve a God who has withstood the test of time, and he has not changed. We can trust God.

I was reminded by my lovely husband that God is the one who sets up kings and removes them. (Dan.2:21.) That is what I would like to leave you all with right now. Let’s remember to pray for all of our leaders and pray for our country. We need Godly leaders, but surley we can not make it without people who are willing to sacrifice their time and pray for others.

Amen and God bless!

Organize My Busy Life

I recently missed an appointment for one of my children and was charged a $50.00 fee. I was so upset with myself! I will be the first to admit that I need some better tools to organize my life, so I want to get some suggestions from you ladies on ways that I can better organize my days.

I know some people use planners and smart phone journals, but what I don’t know is what else is out there. I would love to hear some feedback on things that you guys do that really makes your life schedule easier.

Also I’m experimenting with updating my blog, changing my posting styles and just refreshing some things to make it feel more exciting for me as the writer and you as the reader. Please leave some suggestion in the comment box, I can’t wait to read them!

Thank God for my Failures

I hate to fail! I like winning, or achieving my goals that I set for myself, and really who doesn’t right? I always picture myself as a winner and I strive for perfection with everything that I do; however, I can’t even count the amount of times that I have fallen short of the mark that I set for myself. And yet, I would credit most of my successes to the fact that I had previously failed and learned some very valuable lessons that helped me to try again.

As much as we hate to fail at something experiencing the disappointment of failure can often times be one of life’s most valuable and most beneficial lessons. I would argue that failure is a critical part to our development and maturity. I consider the fact that God never said that we would not fail or make mistakes, instead He ask that we get back up, come to him, and ultimately trust him to mend our broken pieces. Even though God created us in His image He did not require perfection from us, but relationship. I say that to make the point that even God knew we would fail sometimes and yet He still loves us.

Now would be the perfect time for me to name a bunch of awesome things that were created because someone failed or fell short of reaching their actual goal. Instead I’m going to tell you that nothing challenges you and cultivates change in you the way failure does. Failure is the best way to motivate you to keep going, to try again and to never give up on your! I pray that we always succeed, but I thank God for every time that I failed because I learned how to get up after a fall and run harder.

If I had never failed at anything I don’t know what kind of woman I would be today. As hard as my life was at times, I’m so glad that I was afflicted. I would love to say that I would be the same person, but I know that I would not. I was haughty and selfish just to name a few. I thought that the whole world revolved around me and I would throw a tantrum if things didn’t go my way. I didn’t know how to deal with the pain of failure. Honestly, making a bad grade was one thing, and I hated that too, but spending days preparing for the cheerleading team only to not make it was hard. Spending weeks practicing throwing the shot putt only to go to my track meets week after week and never win a medal was failure to me. However, I gained something during my time on the track team, and I gained something while trying out for cheerleading that can not be measured by a medal.

My question to whoever is reading this is, what did your failures teach you? When you look back on your life have you failed enough? If we are not failing then perhaps we are not trying. I want to encourage you to make an attempt at something new this week. Try and do something that you’ve been afraid to try, and if you fail congratulations!! I always thought that someone saying “A for effort,” was a comment we made to the loser or the one who didn’t get it right. However, now I know that you really do get an A for effort, you failing at something gives you more knowledge to go back and get it right next time!

Friends try and do something different this month and try until you get it right. Don’t allow the fear of failure or inadequacy deter you from reaching new heights!