One Day at a Time

Hello Blogging world!!! I realize that I have been gone for months, but I can explain. I mentioned to you guys in one of my previous blog that I was making some big life changes and that I was a bit nervous about it, well I did it. I went back to school for Nursing. Cue the cheering and clapping. I have to admit it took me a long time to come to the point where I actually enrolled into school because I was afraid of doing anything that would keep me from taking care of my family.  I have so much to say about this that the wisest thing to do is to talk about it one section at a time.

First, allow me to tell you what made me want to go back to school for Nursing. I am by design a very compassionate person, and I tend to get very invested in the things that are near to my heart. The things that have shaped my life the most because they had the greatest influence on me personally.  As you know I have five children, and along my journey of getting pregnant and giving birth I have experienced many different types of Healthcare providers and facilities. I am by no means an expert but what I saw and experienced made me want to change what I perceived as inadequate. Now, as with everything, their were some great professionals who I encountered that showered me with human kindness and I truly appreciate them.

I began to offer advice to all my friends and family who were pregnant or in labor and in many cases it was helpful. I found that I loved offering comfort to other pregnant women, post-delivery new Mother’s and Breastfeeding Mother’s too. I felt like I could have a positive impact on another woman’s life by helping her to have a positive birthing experience. I think after a lot of prayer and many, many discussion’s with my husband, I found the right school for me and I started the process of enrollment.

It was really scary for me at first because I was not comfortable doing something so different. It was way outside of my comfort zone, but I felt like it was time for me to do something different.

Unfortunately, I still wrestle with Destination disease from time to time. Today that little bugger reared his ugly head today and I had to step back and have a little, “come to Jesus meeting,” with myself. I had some unexpected scheduling issues pop-up and it just overwhelmed me because I really didn’t want to change my schedule. I had already pre-registered for my classes back in October and I was feeling so comfortable with my nice and easy schedule. I literally had to just take a moment to talk to myself and God. I was so thrown off by my unexpected, but necessary, schedule change! I didn’t want to add a class to my work load, I was frustrated that MY plans had to change. I was upset that I wouldn’t be able to finish in time, and I mentioned this to my Guidance Counselor and she kindly asked me, “What’s the Hurry?”

Her very innocent question snatched me back from the future to the here and now. I was living too far ahead and that’s why I was feeling so much pressure. I had to remind myself that I have to live one day at a time and that I need to slow down. I talked myself off the ledge and then I released a huge sigh, it may seem small but it helped. I’m still getting used to the thought of more work, but I’m telling myself that All things are working together for my good and that I have to go through the process. You see, it’s my nature to want to jump straight to the end, but the best parts, are what happens to you in the middle. The part of the process that I always want to skip over are the most essential aspects of who I will be one day. If I don’t trust the process I won’t make it to the finish line.

I would love to hear you all’s feed back!