Note to Self

As you know I love to write, I love it so much that I write to myself sometimes in my journal. I want to ask you a question this Friday. If you were to ever write a letter to yourself, future self or past self, what would you say?

Would you give your future self advice, or would you lavish yourself with praise and tell yourself to go with flow because you’re doing a great job?

They say looking back is always clear to see why something happen or didn’t happen, but what about the here and now? I think if I could tell my future self anything, I would say stop moving so fast. I would tell myself to slow down and enjoy each and every moment with my children and my husband. I would admonish myself to live out my memories and stop rushing through everyday racing into the future. I would encourage myself to enjoy my life more.

I would love it if you all could play along and leave something in the comments that you would tell your future self.

Happy Friday Everyone!!

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