The Insignificant Momma

Even though I am an adult and I know that what I do is important and necessary, I still struggle with the feeling insignificant. I don’t know I this is normal or stay-at-home mom’s, women or mothers in general. I think I get so locked in to the daily grind of cooking cleaning, laundry, and picking up children running them to and fro, that I just start to lose my self importance in the act of caring or my family.

It’s funny because I can’t tell you when it started or at one point I decided to throw myself off the family schedule so that I could give that to someone more important, it just happened. I think as I had more children and more and more of my time was required to care for them I just stopped thinking about myself. I recently went to the nail salon for the first time in like eight years!! I know what have I been doing with my life? Well I was having babies, breastfeeding, potty training, surviving deployments, PCSing, and repeat!

I was building the foundation of my family and a strong foundation is critical to any marriage. I threw myself into my role as a wife and a mother wholeheartedly. The best way to sum up what I’m trying to say is with the words of Viola Davis’s character in the movie she says that her husbands personality is so big that he filled up the whole house and then she went on to say something like. “that was my first mistake, I should have made him leave some room for me.”

Wow!!! Those words hit my like a ton of  bricks! In my desire to be a perfect wife and a perfect mother I gave myself up totally and completely to the point that I had let no more room in my life to care for myself. It left me with a void that I ignored and the more that I ignored myself the more insignificant I became to myself.

For example, if I was shopping and I had something in the shopping cart for myself, the kids and Hubby, and I thought whoa, this shopping trip is getting to expensive, I would never put back what I had in the cart for them, I would easily pick myself as the one to eliminate. I learned somewhere along the way that the mark of a great mother is one who puts her self last. I seem to think that a great mother is constantly sacrificing herself and her own happiness for her family. It pains me to admit that I saw my very own mother do this and I admire her so much that I have patterned my parenting style after her example. The thing that I always try to say to myself whenever I catch myself eliminating myself is, “your mother died at 42 because she never made herself enough of a priority.”

Now that’s not a completely accurate statement, but it is partially true. The doctor’s said that she had been suffering with what was later diagnosed as Colon Cancer for at least ten years. Whenever people asked her why she hadn’t gone to the doctor sooner, she would laugh and say,”I was too busy taking care of my girls.” I love my mother so much, but it scares me to think that I could be just like her in that way.  I realize that I’m not okay with being unimportant anymore. I want to be relevant, and I need to make time to pursue things other than my daily Momma grind. I have come to realize that I need hobbies and girl time, work out classes and coffee dates, even though I hate coffee! I need other interest in my life that make me feel important.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post, and I hope that I inspired you to go and do something that makes you smile or even laugh.

2 thoughts on “The Insignificant Momma”

  1. I tell you, I relate.
    Sometimes we lose ourselves in marriage and kids and neglect ourselves. I am currently making an effort to do more for me. I work too hard not too. But it gets hard trying to work and take care of the cleaning. Thank goodness the hubby can cook because if he didn’t, everyone would in big trouble.

    1. I hear you girl, a cooking Husband is a beautiful sight! Lol! I hear what you’re saying about making ourselves a priority! I don’t know why it’s so hard to do but I guess it’s the way we’re wired. We take care of others, but like you said we work too hard and do too much not to have some me time or treating ourselves to a new pair of shoes every so often. *wink wink!

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