A Quote To Live By

“I can really lose momentum when I start focusing on how much instead of how well.” Karen Harmon.

I heard this quote by Karen Harmon on Christine Caine’s Instagram page and I immediately grabbed a hold to it! I am that person who tends to measure myself by the numbers, what I mean by that is if a lot of people come out to support me I think I did well. If not a lot of people come out to support me then I tend to see myself as a failure.

In some cases it’s how much weight did I lose that measures my success or how much money I have in my bank account or how many hours of sleep I got that decide if I have a good day or a bad day. When I heard Karen Harmon say that we need to focus on how well instead of how much, it was like I heard angels singing.  What if instead of focusing on how many people, how much money, or how many hours, I focused on how well I slept, or how well the people who did come out showed me love and support? I know for a fact that I would be a much happier person.

I do think on some level this is just another way of saying focus on the positive or be grateful for what we do have, but I love the way she said it! When I really think about it, there have been so many times when I did not allow myself to enjoy certain moments in my life because I was too focused on how much or how many to even see how well something was going.

For example at my book launch party I was expecting about 15 to 20 ladies to come. I was so excited, I got a great venue and I picked out the right outfit, my hair was perfect, my makeup looked great, but only two people came! At first I was crushed, but then I decided that my family of seven plus two more was all I needed and we had a great time and enjoyed ourselves. Those two ladies were my example of how well and not how much.

There is an example in the bible where God demonstrates the concept of how well and not how much, and it’s brilliant. Now honestly, there are several examples of God using a little to accomplish a lot, but I’m only going to talk about one today.

To briefly summarize the book of Judges chapter seven, we’re probably all familiar with the story, but God tells Gideon that he has too many men. He told him that he needs to make his army smaller so that when he wins everyone will know that God did it and not them.  I’m sure we all remember how God fought for them and confounded the enemy. And yet, the focus was not on how many men, but how well our God loved his people.

How many times have we stopped to think about the many times that God has used a little to deliver us from so much? Perhaps we can each think back to a time when God used a seemingly small thing to lift our spirits or let us know that he was with us, and protecting us?

Let’s always remember that we don’t need a lot to be relevant or successful. God doesn’t need us to have a large bank account or a huge army to be victorious. I will often say to my children and my husband whenever we start to feel inadequate or inferior , gain is not Godliness. That means that the abundance of earthly/worldly treasures does not mean that God is with me and not with a person who has less than me. The thing about storing up our treasures in earthly things is that in a moment, those things can be gone.

I understand more and more that if I continue to equate my value to home much, I will have no value at all. It’s not about how much I have, but how well. How well I am loved, how well I am living every day of the year instead of how many days I call a good day. It’s about how well I live every minute of every hour of each day that God gives me.

I leave you with this thought; you may have many long days, but the years will be short. Always remember to live them well.

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